Our mission

The Paris Climate accord calls for global action limiting global warming until 2100 to well below 2°C. By continuing with ”business-as-usual”, the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expects a drastic increase of deadly heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods and starvation already in the next decades. Reducing the consequences of Global Warming on our common… Continue reading Our mission

Hybrid Cities Chess Cup 2021

Malmö, Bratislava, Barcelona and Oslo compete in the first official hybrid tournament. Each team gathers in their respective venue with physical boards, however the moves are transmitted digitally. FIDE aims to find the optimal setup for a hybrid tournament. The main reason is the pandemic, which has cancelled most chess tournaments. A valuable benefit is… Continue reading Hybrid Cities Chess Cup 2021

Schackstudion IM – no flights

Schacktudion IM 2019 was a 12 player title tournament in Lund, southern Sweden. A condition for being invited was to avoid flying to the tournament. Players far off, the farthest 880 kms, received a compensation for the extra cost of train tickets. The starting field included six nations (the arbiter counted), with the International Team… Continue reading Schackstudion IM – no flights

Hybrid tournament

Hybrid Chess

The pandemic gave a reason to arrange a tournament with classic time control allowing players to participate from distance. FIDE is now planning to implement a section in their rules to allow such tournaments to be rated, and a first try will probably take place in February.Allowing parts of tournaments to be played online facilitate… Continue reading Hybrid tournament

French Chess Federation & WWF

In 2018, the French Chess Federation signed a document with WWF specifying 15 actions to make their two biggest tournaments more sustainable: French championship & French youth championship. The agreement includes use of water, energy and waste. We have made the volunteers aware of the eco-responsible approach to reduce waste, says Johanna Basti, who works… Continue reading French Chess Federation & WWF